Importeren uit China @ WTC Utrecht
nov 15 @ 17:00 – 20:00
Importeren uit China @ WTC Utrecht | Utrecht | Utrecht | Nederland

Importeren uit China: makkelijker of moeilijker geworden?

Zeker weten dat de producten die je koopt in China aan de juiste eisen voldoen – op gebied van veiligheid, materiaalgebruik, design en kwaliteit, is van cruciaal belang. In hoeverre is kwaliteitsbewaking nog belangrijker geworden dan voorheen? Of zijn productieprocessen in China voldoende op niveau gekomen om inspectie achterwege te laten.

Een paar vragen die we aan onze gastspreker Ties Coolen willen stellen:

  • Hoe moeilijk/makkelijk is het om goederen uit China te halen vergeleken met 10/5 jaar geleden?
  • Hoe staat ‘tegenwoordig’ het met kwaliteitsnormen van in China geproduceerde goederen?
  • Welke effecten hebben de Belt &Road op goederen betrekken uit China?
  • Waar moeten NL- importeurs vooral opletten wanneer ze producten uit China betrekken?
  • Wat zijn nog altijd verstandige stappen om te zetten voordat bedrijven overgaan op productie in China/producten kopen in China?
  • Welke rol speelt internet/e-commerce?

Onze gastspreker

Ties Coolen richtte Coolen China op om bedrijven te begeleiden bij de sourcing -en inkoop van producten uit China. Coolen China verzorgt ook de aankoop van producten in opdracht van opdrachtgevers of laat de opdrachtgever zelf importeren uit China, met daarbij de gewenste ondersteuning. Coolen China adviseert en het begeleidt ondernemers die willen inkopen in China, of dit proces willen uitbesteden of herzien. Quality Control (QC) China is een relatief nieuwe tak binnen de familieonderneming. De hoofdactiviteit van QC China is het inspecteren – op locatie in China – van producten op correctheid. Coolen China heeft vijf vestigingen op zijn naam.

Ties is een ondernemer die zijn koers op jonge leeftijd heeft uitgezet en dit tot een succes heeft weten te maken. Als China ervaringsdeskundige is Ties regelmatig gastspreker bij seminars, evenementen en bijeenkomsten over “zakendoen in China” en “ondernemerschap in China” oftewel China in de Praktijk. Dit weet hij op een enthousiaste, humoristisch en herkenbare wijze te brengen.


Toegang voor niet-leden is €10,- per persoon. Dit kan worden betaald bij entree. Voor leden is entree gratis.

Aanmelden kan via deze link.

Chinese Dreams: the human face of changing China @ Rode Hoed
nov 20 @ 15:00 – 17:45
Chinese Dreams: the human face of changing China @ Rode Hoed | Amsterdam | Noord-Holland | Nederland

This year’s Annual Lecture of the International Institute for Asian Studies will be deliverd by Ruben Terlou.

The speaker

Ruben Terlou (1985) is a documentary filmmaker, photographer and medical doctor. He studied Mandarin in China and Medicine at the University of Amsterdam. Ruben has worked extensively as a photographer in China and Afghanistan, and, with his work, has won several Dutch Silver Camera Awards and the price for Innovative Photojournalism. His real debut, however, was his successful and highly popular six-episode television documentary series Along the Banks of the Yangtze in which he travels upstream along the longest river of Asia. Terlou’s endearing personality, combined with his fluent Chinese, resulted in deeply personal portraits. In 2018, his second documentary series Through the Heart of China received 1.5 million viewers each episode and offered a very intimate view of the human face of contemporary China.

The lecture

In a country where developments take place faster than the population can comprehend and internalise, unusual situations arise in daily life. In his address, titled, Chinese Dreams: The human face of changing China, Terlou will share his thoughts on modern-day China, his personal experiences and his photographs. Most importantly, he shows what fascinates and drives him most: the human condition, the adaptability of the people to the enormous changes taking place, while simultaneously showing how they stay faithful to their culture and all things in which they believe.


The programme will start at 15:00 hrs sharp. Doors are open from 14:00 hrs.

15:00 – 15:15   Welcome by Director of IIAS, Dr Philippe Peycam
15:15 – 16:10   Lecture
16:10 – 16:30   Questions & Answers
16:30 – 17:45   Reception

Registration (required)

Please register via the webform provided on the IIAS website.

China lectures series @ Brussels Diplomatic Academy – VUB
nov 21 – dec 7 hele dag
China lectures series @ Brussels Diplomatic Academy – VUB | Elsene | Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest | België

China is becoming a world leader in innovation and artificial intelligence. What may we expect and how shall we deal with it?

To answer these questions, the Belgian Chinese Chamber of Commerce (BCECC), the Brussels Diplomatic Academy (BDA) and the Brussels Academy for China and European Studies (BACES) organise the following lecture series.

With China well on its way to become a innovation powerhouse, IP protection has evolved in just a few decades from a no man’s land to a top national priority.

This module will introduce the audience to the importance of innovation and IP for the Chinese economy and to the resulting improvement of the IP protection regime. Different tools are available to foreign businesses to protect their competitive advantage in China and best practices must be implemented if businesses want to benefit from the many opportunities this challenging market has to offer.


This module will be structured in four parts:

  1. Introduction to the state of innovation and IP in China;
  2. Best practices to protect intangible assets in China;
  3. Focus on the importance of filing patents in China through a case study analysing the (lack of) filing strategy of a Belgian company;
  4. Introduction to the Chinese IP right enforcement mechanisms (the country is becoming a top jurisdiction where to litigate patents).

November 21, 2018:
China’s New Normal

President Xi Jinping has vowed that China should establish itself as one of the most innovative countries by 2020 and leading innovator by 2030. This lecture will elaborate on the six waves of innovation in China, and how China is now ready to take on the challenge to become a global leader in innovation. The presentation will also go into much detail on where Chinese companies are really strong, and what they still lack or need badly to make their dreams a reality.

November 23, 2018:
China’s rise in Artificial Intelligence

China and the U.S. are battling to become the world’s first A.I. superpowers. Europe seems to be absent in this race. Companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon and Microsoft are being challenged by the likes of Tencent, Baidu and Alibaba.

This lecture will zoom on 10 reasons why the usage of A.I. in China could surpass the U.S. and definitely Europe. As Artificial Intelligence will impact our lives deeply in the next 10 years, are we comfortable to buy Chinese products empowered with Chinese I.A. ? Would we buy a self driving car or intelligence fridge made by a Chinese brand ? Are we OK to get eye surgery or accept a cancer diagnose from a Chinese A.I. robot ?

December 7, 2018:
How to take advantage from trade secrets to better access the Chinese market

The lecture will start with an introduction to trade secrets protection across the globe, with a focus on the Chinese trade secret protection regime and its parallel with the newly adopted EU trade secret directive. This will lead to an overview of best practices to implement to protect trade secret when dealing with China. The second part will focus on the importance of developing a strong IP and trade secrets protection strategy in order to develop winning partnerships with Chinese companies.


15.00 to 16.30 followed by a networking reception


Brussels Diplomatic Academy – VUB
Meeting Room Bruges, Level -1
Boulevard de la Plaine 5 – Pleinlaan 5
1050 Brussels


Registration fee is 40€ (VAT excl.) per person per lecture. Please fill in the registration form available here online before November 1, 2018.

How to enforce your IP in China @ BeCentral
nov 29 @ 14:00 – 17:00
How to enforce your IP in China @ BeCentral | Brussel | Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest | België

The Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (BCECC) is pleased to invite you to a seminar on “Updates on the anti-unfair competition law and the new e-commerce law” and on “How to enforce your IP in China” on November 29, 2018 in Brussels.

China IPR SME Helpdesk expert Mr. Philippe Girard-Foley will give you an overview on the recent changes in the anti-unfair competition law, and introduce you the new e-commerce law that will take effect as of January 2019. The law, which clarifies e-commerce operators into e-commerce platform operators, merchants on e-commerce platforms, and those doing business on their own websites or via other web services, covers not only famous platforms such as Alibaba’s Taobao but also those selling goods via social networks including the popular chatting app WeChat.

You will find here a short resume of our guest speaker.


14.00 – 14.30: Registration
14.30 – 14.40: Welcome words by Mr. Bernard Dewit, Chairman of BCECC
14.40 – 15.40: Presentations on “Updates on anti-unfair competition law and the new e-commerce law” and on “How to enforce your IP in China” by Mr. Philippe Girard-Foley, China IPR SME Helpdesk Expert.
15.40 – 16.00: Q&A
16.00 – 17.00: Individual meetings with the guest expert & free discussion


Kantersteen 10/12
1000 Brussels


Participation fee for the seminar is 10€ (VAT excl.) for BCECC and Startups members and 30€ (VAT excl.) for non-members.

Please fill in the registration form here below before November 23, 2018.

End of the year networking cocktail @ Kasteel de Wittenburg
nov 29 @ 15:00 – 19:00
End of the year networking cocktail @ Kasteel de Wittenburg | Wassenaar | Zuid-Holland | Nederland

This end of year event zooms in on developments and opportunities in the fields of FinTech, Financial Services, Fashion and Sea Food in the dynamic city of Hong Kong, right at the doorstep of China’s vibrant Greater Bay Area!

Following the seminar, there will be a festive networking reception with drinks, finger food and Osters from Zeeland.

Are you interested, then join our end of year event in the Kasteel De Wittenburg in Wassenaar!

The meeting is free for members. Costs for non-members: € 25 per person, including drinks and snacks. Parking is free.


Mr. Hans Poulis, Chairman Netherlands Hong Kong Business Association
Miss Fiona Chau, Deputy Representative Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, Brussels
Mr. William Chui, Director Europe, Hong Kong Trade Development Council (TBC)
Mr. Brian van Wachem, CEO Redsnap, Moderator of the event
Mr. Martin Rijk, Founder Natural Holland, Hong Kong
Mr. Lodewijk Lamaison, Partner Capital Company, Hong Kong
Ms. Paula Kant, Senior Investment Promotion Executive Invest Hong Kong (InvestHK)
Mr. Patrick Lemmens, Portfolio Manager Global FinTech Equities at Robeco
Mr. Diederik Werdmolder, Founder EMF Finance


14:30: Registration

15:00 – 15:05: Welcome
Hans Poulis, Chairman Netherlands Hong Kong Business Association

15:05 – 15:15: Introduction
Fiona Chau, Deputy Representative, Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, Brussels

15:15 – 15:45: What does it take to be successful  in Hong Kong and the Mainland?
Interviews by Brian van Wchem on general trends of FinTech companies in the Netherlands, Dutch FinTech companies moving to HK and China and on what it takes to be successful with:
William Chui, Director Europe, Hong Kong Trade Development Council (TBC)
Don Ginsel, founder of Holland FinTech
Paula Kant, Head of Investment Promotion at Invest HK

15:45 – 16:15: Entrepreneurs who have been there
Presentations by:
Representative of company who has just gone to Shenzhen with Holland FinTech
Diederik Werdmolder, founder EMF Finance

16:15– 16:30: Fintech developments for financial institutions
Patrick Lemmens, Portfolio Manager Global FinTech Equities at Robeco

16:30– 16:55: Panel discussion, Q&A

16:55 – 17:00: Closing remarks

17:00 – 19:00: Networking cocktail reception

19:00: End of meeting