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within the Holland Innovation Network China


Job description:

Holland Innovation Network China is a government network focused on Innovation, Technology and Science in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Its main tasks are to support and stimulate knowledge-intensive collaboration between the Netherlands and China. This is accomplished by facilitating and promoting Sino-Dutch innovation, technology and science networks, and by reporting to Dutch and Chinese stakeholders about new developments in the science and technology domain.


Duties and Activities:

The main task for the Innovation Officer is to identify opportunities for Dutch companies, universities, research institutes and government organisations for new R&D and innovation cooperation in China.

In order to achieve this, the Innovation Officer will undertake activities such as:

  • Create and maintain an active network with innovation-driven organisations in both China and the Netherlands.
  • Organize in-depth seminars, networking events, visits of high-level government officials and experts.
  • Independently collect and analyse data and information on Innovation, Technology & Science developments in China and report on these to the various stakeholders in the Netherlands in a way that answers to the stakeholders’ needs.
  • Independently plan and organize incoming and outgoing missions and delegations.
  • Contribute to the branding of the Netherlands as a high-tech country.

Holland Innovation Network covers many (high tech-) sectors; of special interest for this position are the Life Science & Health, Chemistry, Energy domains, as well as university collaboration.


Job requirements:

Level of education: university master’s degree, preferably in engineering or natural sciences.

Level of experience: 5-7 years of relevant work experience.

  • A proactive attitude (self-starting/ independent), strategic mindset and eagerness to learn about new industries and technologies.
  • Strong networking and analytical skills (capable of actively and independently developing, maintaining and using a professional network).
  • Experience in scientific research is beneficial.
  • Interest in Dutch innovation policy and research infrastructure. Knowledge of the Dutch and Chinese government or research infrastructure is beneficial.
  • Good organizational and problem-solving skills.
  • Flexible and cooperative attitude (team player).
  • Experience in leading small project teams.
  • Experience in business development or similar positions is desirable.
  • Highly sensitive to a policy and political environment.
  • Languages: Fluency in Dutch and excellency in the English language is required. Chinese language skills are very beneficial.


Working environment (Dutch diplomatic network):

The China network of the Kingdom of the Netherlands consists of the Embassy in Beijing and Consulates General in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chongqing and Hong Kong.

The purpose of the Dutch diplomatic network of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in China is to manage diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China and representation of the Netherlands in order to strengthen the international position in the relevant policy areas through policy support and development, and to promote and support bilateral/multilateral cooperation.

Holland Innovation Network China is part of the diplomatic network of the Netherlands in China and belongs to a worldwide network of Dutch Innovation officers, which is managed by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( and commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. For more information visit our website at: (Dutch only).

The Innovation Officer works in an inter-city team with colleagues in Guangzhou and Shanghai. Each office works relatively independent in its geographical region and reports to the Counsellor for Innovation, Technology & Science at the Dutch Embassy in Beijing. The Innovation Officer also cooperates with colleagues from other departments at the Embassy in Beijing, especially with his/her colleagues in the economic department and political department.

Most of the work of the Innovation Officer in Beijing is carried out in the Jing-Jin-Ji region (Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei), though occasionally business trips within China and to the Netherlands will be required.


Conditions of employment:

  • The candidate must have the Dutch nationality.
  • The selected candidate will be locally employed by the State of the Netherlands, represented herein by the Head of Mission of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the People’s Republic of China
  • A fixed term contract for 38 hours a week for the duration of one year will be offered. After twelve months a succeeding contract for a period of another year will be offered in case of excellent job performance.
  • The position is ranked in job level 9. Like all salary scales in force at the Embassy and the other Missions of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in China, this salary scale comprises 16 pay numbers, starting with pay number 0 and ending with pay number 15. The selected candidate will be offered a salary with a pay number corresponding to the years of relevant experience. Once employed, the staff member will move up one pay number every twelve months in case of excellent job performance. At present, the salary in job level 9 pay number 0 is CNY 31,581.00 gross per month, while that for pay number 15 is CNY 47,372.00 gross per month.
  • Foreign Diplomatic and Consular Missions are not considered local employers by the Chinese authorities. Therefore neither Chinese individual income tax nor Chinese social security and pension premiums can be paid locally by the Embassy and non-Chinese staff members. Dutch nationals employed by the Embassy are considered ‘buitenlands belastingplichtig’ by the Dutch tax authorities. On the gross salary of these nationals an amount will be withheld as if the employee would be tax liable in China.
  • The employee and employer contributions of social security and pension premiums are paid to the employee as if these would be paid in China. With this monthly payment of currently CNY 10,000.00 net, the employee is assumed to arrange him- or herself medical care coverage, social security, housing and pension provisions.
  • The Embassy has a 38-hour working week, from Monday through Friday. Overtime is compensated in accordance with the Chinese laws and regulations.
  • The Embassy pays a thirteenth month salary.


More information:

If you would like more information regarding the content of this position, please contact us via

If you would like to have more information about the local employment conditions, please contact HR officer Eugène Brat via


Selection procedure:

Candidates are required to submit their motivation letter and resumé in English to Taake Manning, Innovation, Technology and Science Counsellor ( The deadline for submission is 17th January 2020.

Candidates whose letter and resume are considered to match the formal requirements will be invited for a first interview. Should there be sufficient mutual interest, the candidates will be invited for a second interview.

If found suitable, internal candidates have priority over external candidates.

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