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Job title: Senior Consular Affairs Officer

Mission: Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Beijing, PRC

Job level: 07

Number of working hours per week: 38



The senior consular affairs officer:

  • decides on Schengen visa applications for travel to the Netherlands in accordance with regulations and instructions;
  • assists in monitoring the quality of the services provided by external service providers;
  • processes long stay visa (MVV) applications;
  • provides other consular assistance to Dutch citizens;
  • communicates with relevant parties verbally and through e-mail;
  • is accountable to the head of the Consular cluster of the Department for Consular and Operational Affairs;
  • may be assigned other duties by the line manager.



Description of duties

The senior consular affairs officer:

  • takes decisions on Schengen visa applications for travel to the Netherlands in accordance with regulations like the Visa Code and the Decision Protocol;
  • visits visa application centres to monitor the quality of the service to customers;
  • processes authorisations for the issuance of long stay national visas (MVV’s);
  • provides other consular assistance to Dutch citizens;
  • handles requests for DNA tests, verifications, etc.;
  • hands in consular cash receipts to the main cashier, according to the instructions;
  • responds accurately and promptly and in a professional and customer friendly manner to inquiries from the public and counterparts;
  • takes part in the rotation system for consular duty officers;
  • contributes to archiving consular documents timely, complete and well organized;
  • handles all tasks in a neutral and objective manner, independent of personal interests or interests of third parties.


Description of result areas

  • Schengen visa applications for travel to the Netherlands are on average processed within two working days of receiving them at the Consular section of the Embassy;
  • the quality of the customer service provided by the visa application centres is monitored professionally and objectively, in accordance with instructions;
  • long stay national visa or MVV’s) are issued in accordance with authorisations from the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) in the Netherlands;
  • consular assistance is provided in an empathetic and professional manner, in accordance with prevailing regulations and instructions;
  • requests for and inquiries about naturalization, DNA tests, verifications, etc. are handled professionally and forthcoming;
  • consular cash receipts are correctly processed;
  • inquiries from the public and counterparts are handled accurately, promptly and in a professional and customer friendly manner;
  • the clean desk policy of the Embassy is well respected; consular documents are archived timely, complete and well organized.


C.2       CONTACTS

  • with applicants for visas and MVV’s;
  • with Dutch citizens for consular assistance and other consular services;
  • with staff members of the Embassy in Beijing and other missions of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in China;
  • with external service provider TLS Contact;
  • with governmental organizations in the Netherlands, mostly DCV and IND;
  • with colleagues from other (mostly EU/Schengen) Embassies in Beijing.



Level of education: higher vocational degree or equivalent;

Level of work experience: at least 3 years in the Netherlands and 2 years in an international environment.


  • native speaker of Dutch;
  • excellent command of English, both verbally and in writing;
  • proficient in the use of MS Office, in particular Outlook, Excel, Word and One Note.
  • comprehension of Mandarin is an advantage;
  • knowledge of mobility and migration policy issues and other consular subjects is an advantage.


  • excellent customer services skills;
  • effective communication skills with persons from all walks of life;
  • ability to balance the interests of the organization with those of clients, in that order;
  • ability to remain calm, professional and efficient under all circumstances;
  • ability to analyse visa applications with various degrees of complication and to dedicate time in accordance with the degree of complexity;
  • ability to substantiate decisions on visa applications with solid arguments, in accordance with the legal framework;
  • Ability to work in an organized, detailed and precise manner.


  • integrity;
  • client orientation;
  • planning and organization;
  • accuracy;
  • intercultural sensitivity;
  • organisational sensitivity;
  • interpersonal skills;
  • clarity of expression, verbally and in writing.


  • at least 3 years of work experience in the Netherlands, preferably in a central government organization;
  • at least 2 years of work experience in a service oriented international environment, preferably in China.



The Kingdom of the Netherlands has an extensive diplomatic, consular and business support network in in the People’s Republic of China. In addition to the Embassy in Beijing, there are Consulates-General in Chongqing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Shanghai, and Business Support Offices in Chengdu, Dalian, Jinan, Nanjing, Qingdao and Wuhan.

The Embassy has around 90 staff members. The Chancery of the Embassy is located along the Liangmahe River in Chaoyang District.

The Consular team at the Embassy comprises ten staff members, six with the Dutch nationality and four with the Chinese nationality. The manager of the Consular team is the Head of the Consular Cluster of the Department for Consular and Operational Affairs.



A service oriented and proactive person who likes to work and co-operate in a small bicultural team. The right candidate should be able to work independently, though not autonomously, and monitor the progress and completion of tasks largely at his/her own discretion. He or she should have a great sense of accuracy, deliver high quality work, possess a high degree of integrity and be able to resist third party pressure in processing and deciding on visa and other consular matters.


  • The candidate must have the Dutch nationality;
  • The selected candidate will be:
    • Locally employed by the State of the Netherlands, represented herein by the Head of Mission of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the People’s Republic of China;
    • Offered a fixed term contract for 38 hours a week for the duration of one year. After twelve months, a succeeding contract for a period of another year will be offered in case of excellent job performance. As the visa back offices of the Missions in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai will be transferred to the Netherlands in the summer of 2020, the position will cease to exist after two years.
  • The position is ranked in job level 7. The applicable pay scale will be similar, i.e. 7. Like all salary scales in force at the Embassy and the other Missions of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in China, this salary scale comprises 16 pay numbers, starting with pay number 0 and ending with pay number 15. At present, the salary in job level 7 pay number 0 is CNY 17,927 gross per month, while that for pay number 15 is CNY 26.891 gross per month.
  • The selected candidate will be offered a salary with a pay number corresponding to the years of relevant experience. Once employed, the staff member will move up one pay number every twelve months in case of excellent job performance.
  • Foreign Diplomatic and Consular Missions are not considered local employers by the Chinese authorities. Therefore, neither Chinese individual income tax nor Chinese social security and pension premiums can be paid by the Embassy and non-Chinese staff members.
  • Dutch nationals employed by the Embassy are considered ‘buitenlands belastingplichtig’ by the Dutch tax authorities. Therefore, on the gross salary of Dutch nationals, an amount will be withheld as if the employee would be tax liable in China.
  • The employee and employer contributions of social security and pension premiums are paid to the employee as if these could be paid in China. With this monthly payment of CNY 10,900 net, the employee is assumed to arrange him- or herself medical care coverage, social security, housing and pension provisions.
  • The Embassy has a 38-hour working week, from Monday through Friday. Overtime is compensated in accordance with the Chinese laws and regulations.
  • The Embassy pays a thirteenth month salary.



For more information on the position, the following persons can be contacted:

  • Cornelis J. Groeneveld, Head of the Department for Consular and Operational Affairs, through
  • Robert Bijkerk, Head of the Consular Cluster of the said Department through
  • For more information on the employment conditions, Senior HR–Officer Mr. Eugène Brat can be contacted through


If interested, please send your resume and motivation letter in English or Dutch to, before August 15, 2018. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.


The selection procedure consists of interviews and possibly also a written test.

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